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ElBulli Auctioning Off Wine Cellar

ElBulli Auctioning Off Wine Cellar

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Wine buyers can choose from 10,000 wines at a Sotheby's auction

Wine connoisseurs and elBulli fans better start picking their jaws up off the floor: Wine-Searcher reports that an estimated 10,000 bottles from elBulli's wine cellar will be auctioned off by Sotheby's in the near future.

Of course, Sotheby's isn't being particularly generous with details, with a representative telling Wine-Searcher, "Detailed information regarding Sotheby’s sale of wines from elBulli restaurant will be available in due course." The time, place, and number of wine bottles to be auctioned off are still unknown.

elBulli, which had a 139-page wine list before it closed last year, housed some 1,600 different wines from France, Spain, Italy, and Canada, among others.

According to Wine-Searcher, wine prices ranged from $26 a bottle to more than $6,000 a bottle (specifically for a 1999 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti’s Romanée Conti). Avid buyers better start researching their picks (and clearing out their cellars). Check out a PDF of the old wine list here.

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