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Cornlets with borscht

Cornlets with borscht

Heat the borscht a little, then add the sugar and yeast, mix well to dilute the yeast and sugar, then add the oil and salt. In a bowl sift the flour, grate the lemon and start pouring the liquid mixture, mixing with a wooden spoon, then we start to knead by hand until we get a firmly non-sticky dough.

Let it rise for about 30-40 min. After it has risen, divide the dough into 7 balls and spread each ball in a thin sheet on the round, I cut it with a plate so that my round comes out almost perfectly. Then I divided it into 16 equal parts. , as much as possible. I wanted some small, fine, delicate croissants. On each triangle obtained we put a mixture of jam and walnuts, roll and place the croissants in a baking tray lined with baking paper. We put the tray in the preheated oven about 20- 25 min, until they start to brown.

We take them out of the oven and roll them in powdered sugar.

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