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Pears Cake

Pears Cake

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Pear cake recipe of 15-02-2016 [Updated on 21-07-2017]

Today I propose a pear pie, a dessert that I made a few days ago, when by chance I realized that while I have dozens of versions of apple pie, with pears I only had a chocolate recipe: / The Pears Cake it was soft and moist, perfect for breakfast and loved by young and old. I used some abbot pears and flavored them with lemon, rum and ginger and the spicy touch made the dessert even more fragrant. How was the weekend? My very good indeed, I think this was the best Valentine's Day I've ever celebrated. Elisa felt a lot about this party, she understood it as a family celebration because for her we are the three lovers she heard about, she wanted to buy a gift for her dad, a frame in which we put a photo of us and did a packet with chocolates, then he made some drawings and was very cuddly more than usual. Yesterday he asked me to cook bread and pancakes together and he wanted everything to be in the shape of a heart, I was really moved by his being so taken in expressing his love for us, a sweetness and a delicacy that only children manage to demonstrate. And nothing, today the frenetic pace is resumed, so after giving you the Monday treat I can start planning this new week of work, hoping to get off to a good start, basins: *


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