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Crepe suzette

Crepe suzette

Crêpe suzette recipe by of 24-11-2014 [Updated on 29-08-2018]

Crêpe Suzette is a very famous and appreciated French dessert, it is crepes served with a sauce made with caramelized sugar and butter, with the addition of orange and lemon juice and peel with the addition of Grand Marnier liqueur, all served flambé . Although the origins of this dessert are controversial, everyone seems to agree that crepe suzette was invented in the early 1900s in France. I love crepes in all sauces and prepared like this are among my favorites, if you've never tasted them and you like the genre, try making them too, if you love orange, you'll love it;) I'll leave you to the recipe and I get back to work on Monday, as you well know it always takes an extra momentum to fuel;)


How to make Crêpe suzette

Place the flour in a bowl, make a hole in the center and pour the milk, mixing the mixture until the mixture is smooth and fluid

In a separate bowl, beat the eggs, then add them to the batter and mix.

Mix the mixture well, then cover the bowl with cling film and put in the fridge to rest for half an hour so that the flour releases all the starch.

Cook the creps by pouring a ladle of batter into a greased crepiere

Cook the crêpes on both sides by turning them with a spatula.

As you cook the crêpes, transfer them on a plate, one on top of the other

Now prepare the sauce: grate the citrus peel, squeeze the juice, strain it and set aside
Put the butter in a pan with the sugar and melt over low heat, stirring with a wooden spoon.

Add orange and lemon zest and juice.

Cook the sauce over low heat until the sugar has dissolved completely, then dip the folded crêpes in the sauce

Finally add the grand marnier and flambé.

Serve the crepes suzette by napping them with the orange sauce obtained.

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