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Apple Rose Tart

Apple Rose Tart

Apple Rose Tart Recipe by of 08-05-2015 [Updated on 21-07-2017]

This tart with apples rolled up as if to form rosebuds is a gem that I couldn't miss, I had written down the recipe a while ago and was waiting for the right opportunity to try it. Well, we are in May, the month of roses and in a few days it is Mother's Day, what better time to make this apple rose tart? In addition to being very cute to bring to the table, it was also very good, for the excellent result of the cake it is preferable to use pink lady apples that have a beautiful pink skin, and the fruit in this case should not be peeled. Well, today, in addition to this beautiful tart, I will publish a new extra video recipe, so stay "tuned";)


How to make it Apple rose tart

Prepare the shortcrust pastry by putting the flour with the sugar in a bowl, make a puco in the center and put the eggs, the butter cut into pieces, the grated lemon peel and the baking soda.

Knead quickly

Then mix into a ball, wrap the pastry in cling film and put it in the fridge to harden for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile wash the apples and, without peeling them, cut them into thin slices.

Prepare a syrup with water and white sugar and cook by bringing it to a boil

Then dip the apple slices into the syrup and cook until it starts boiling again.

Drain the apples and set them aside.

Take the pastry back and roll it out on a floured pastry board

Cover a greased tart tin with the pastry

cover with greaseproof paper and dried legumes and bake in the oven at 180 ° for 10 minutes

Remove the paper and cover the base of the pastry with half the cane sugar provided

Then with two slices of apple at a time form small roses

place them gradually on the base of the tart next to each other starting from the edge.

Continue like this until the cake is completely covered

Sprinkle the tart with the remaining brown sugar then bake at 180 ° and cook for 30 minutes.

Once ready, let it cool before removing the Apple Rose Tart from the mold. Serve cold

Video: 心心相印蘋果玫瑰酥 Apple Rose Tarts (November 2021).