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Vinaigrette recipe by of 21-07-2020 [Updated on 21-07-2020]

There Vinaigrette it is one of the most classic salad dressings there is. Honestly, I've used it so many times, even in various recipes published here on the blog that I just can't believe I've never published the recipe to make it. But, in short, here I am, ready to fix it. Of French origin, the Vinaigrette it is an oil and vinegar-based emulsion, typically used to dress salads, but also perfect as a dressing for meat or, if you like, for fish. The procedure is very simple and the ingredients are very few: you can try to modulate them as you like, in order to adapt the flavor according to your tastes or you can vary by adding, at the end of the procedure, aromatic herbs or spices. Only note: the vinaigrette must be prepared on the spot, because over time the ingredients will tend to separate again (otherwise, keep it in the fridge and emulsify it again before use). Anyway, for beginners, this is my version, which I find tasty and balanced as it is.


How to make vinaigrette

Put the vinegar in a small bowl and add salt and pepper, then mix to dissolve the salt.
Then pour the oil slowly, stirring in the meantime with a hand whisk, continuing to mix until a homogeneous dressing is obtained (oil and vinegar must no longer be separated, but completely emulsified).

The vinaigrette is ready: add spices or flavorings to taste, if you like, and use it immediately.

Video: The Chefs Academy: How to make vinaigrette (January 2022).