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Cake 7 Jars

Cake 7 Jars

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Cake recipe 7 jars of of 22-05-2009 [Updated on 11-05-2020]

The 7 jar cake is a great breakfast cake or a good base from which to make stuffed cakes. The 7 pots is so called because the yoghurt pot (the classic 125 g one) is used as the unit of measurement for the preparation, the jars for the dough must be 7 in all, to which the eggs must obviously be added. This cake, as I told you, is very soft and with a sprinkling of powdered sugar it becomes an excellent snack for children, you can customize it and get variations such as chocolate, coconut, lemon, etc., even if I prefer it only with a little vanilla. After so many light recipes now sorry, but we really needed a dessert, I wanted to post the cake I prepared yesterday for my husband's birthday, but I didn't have time to upload the photos to the blog, but don't worry, you will see it in the next days. Now I leave you to the very soft seven jars cake, which you can also prepare as a donut if you want and I wish you a good day, kisses: *


How to make the cake 7 jars

Beat the eggs with the sugar with an electric mixer until the mixture is light and fluffy.

Add the jar of yogurt, oil and vanilla and continue to whisk.

Now add the flour, starch and yeast.

Whip until you get a smooth and homogeneous mixture.

Grease and flour a 24 cm springform pan and pour the cake dough into 7 jars.

Bake the cake in 7 jars in a preheated static oven at 180 ° C for about 40 minutes.

Open the zipper and let it cool before sprinkling the cake 7 jars with icing sugar and serve.

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