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Mix the powdered milk with the coconut flakes, the essences and the powdered sugar, and at the end we add the butter, the final goal being a homogeneous composition. If the composition obtained is too soft, we can add either powdered milk or coconut flakes, depending on preferences.

We then shape balls in the middle of which we will add a hazelnut and "roll" them through coconut flakes. We keep them cold for at least 24 hours before serving, thus having time to "dry" a little.

Either way, they are simply delicious! Good appetite!

Snowflakes - Recipes

How well did the weather outside fit in with today's tutorial, right? You will definitely have everything you need in the house to make them. They are so easy and look incredibly good, even magical.

I must admit that I did not expect the result to be so beautiful.

Let's bring the snowflakes into the house and call on the outsiders to bring another fluffy white cloud to spread another white layer over the city.

On this occasion, I have the honor to present you the first tutorial photographed in full by Adrian.

Almost all the tutorials I made are also photographed by me without the help of a tripod, so you can imagine how I sit nicely with the camera in one hand and I twist, I turn and I keep turning to enter what I want in the frame. Because most of the time I use a 50 mm fixed lens and obviously I can't zoom out to cover more, my hand is my telescope and I often find it very short.

This time I felt extremely free to do this tutorial and you can see how both my hands appear in the pictures.

The kid watching many of the tutorials I did, it seems that in fact it was not "in vain", but he stored the whole process in his gray matter, and now he proved to me once again that observation goes hand in hand with learning.

When I see the photos, I remember his funny instructions and the most serious figure. Hehhehe!

"- Step 1. Okay so. Now step 2. Done! Step 3 follows. Come on, moms, step 3!".

How to make giant snowflakes from the cardboard rolls left over from toilet paper?

Let's start with Step 1:

Cut from cardboard rolls into strips about an inch wide.

Glue the cut pieces with warm silicone, forming a flower. Then fill with halves of strips or even some bent integers.

At this stage you can let your imagination fly like flakes falling from the sky. We know that no two flakes are alike, so we have no limitations in creating their shapes.

Step 3 it involves making the flakes look as real as possible, that is, made of ice crystals. But how?

We need a super special glue that cannot be found in any store in Romania, being available to order right in your own kitchen. On top of that, it consists of only two ingredients: water and flour.

Mix equal parts water and flour, and ready the special glue. :)

After you have well homogenized the two ingredients, insert the cardboard flakes in the obtained paste.

After touching them with the glue created by you from water and flour, you will now put them in salt. Yes, you read that very well. It's about the table salt, the one you use for the delicious dishes you know how to prepare.

After the salt dries, you can hang them on a string and thus obtain a garland with snowflakes or simply use them as a decoration attached to some white-painted twigs.

Let's bring snowflakes to our homes and enjoy the last month of winter.

Tutorial! Snowflakes on your nails

The winter holidays are knocking at our door, so this is the right time for a manicure in tune with the season!

To make a few snowflakes on your nails you will need: protective nail polish, glitter varnish, blue nail polish, white nail polish and a thin or toothpick brush.

First step: Apply protective varnish on all nails.

Step two: Apply blue nail polish on all nails, then varnish with glitter.

Step three: After the lake has dried, with the help of a thin brush, make 3 lines that intersect in the middle, in the shape of a star.

Step four: Then, with the tip of a toothpick, at the end of each line, make a point.

Bridge: you can make snowflakes on one or all of them.

The tutorial below will help you not to fail!

Christmas is here again, with a click of rays.
Yellowish flames fluttered restlessly in the fireplace,
from the heights, views of the apogee descend.
Irradiations, blue globes, pearls hang in the golden tree.
Carols spread comfort and sublime states,
none of this is for me.

Draped in white, the table with crystals and fine plates,
breaded steak and chestnuts, truffles and date cakes.
Snowflakes dripping on the window, mirroring
lights flowing hesitantly down the valley.
An unnatural smile stops him.
Your seat is free, the plate is empty now.

Under the tree, gifts stacked like in previous years,
childhood memories that came too late
and they were smitten like smoke.
Absence dwells in troubled hearts,
I say your name in a murmur and whisper.
And yet, the echo seems to come a long way.

In the front room, the darkness is scattered.
Who will open the gift boxes,
who will make jokes and who will laugh,
when the chair you were sitting in is empty and
is no one to speak on your behalf?

Another Christmas came and went without you.
Tears roll without a word.
The foot refuses to touch the floor.
How to live in this world where
nothing is as it was before?

Oh, a deceptive globe of light and superfluous!
Dreams will always haunt you,
but your chair would be empty

Melted Snowflakes on my Face

And Christmas came again with bells and whistles and full of joy
Radiant yellow flames dance in the fireplace
Heaven drops memories wrapped up in lace
Soft crimson lights, blue globes, and pearls hang on the golden tree
Carols spread rounds of ease, but all of these are not for me.

Dressed all in white, the festive table is set with crystal glass and finest plates
Roast beef and chestnut stuffing, truffle and lemon cake with dates
Gentle snowflakes melt on the window rolling deep down upon my face
Comfort and peace run deeper than our hearts allow
But your chair is vacant, and your plate is empty now.

Under the tree, the gifts are stacked as in the past years
Sweet memories of childhood that came too late and shattered fast
Well-hidden lives a void in our broken hearts.
We all pretend, as in the past, the Christmas season always starts.
And yet, who’s going to open the gifts and talk and laugh?
When your chair is it empty and there is no one to speak on your behalf?

Another Christmas came and went without you
Tears roll down and pain follows through
I can’t pretend it hurts no more and I refuse to walk the floor
How do I live in this new world where nothing is as it was before?
Your presence fills my mind warm globe of light and plenty
Dreams make believe, but your chair will remain forever empty.


1. The raisins are mixed with the pieces of shit and dates, pour cognac over them and set aside.

2. Rub the butter with the sugar and eggs. Add honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange peel, then, gradually, flour and baking powder. Add the walnuts and toasted almonds or hazelnuts at the end, after adding the raisins, pieces of shit and dates, drained of brandy.

3. Preheat the oven. In a cake tin with a diameter of 26 cm, pour the composition and bake on low heat for about an hour and a half. If the cake turns brown too early, cover with aluminum foil. Remove from the oven and leave to cool.

4. At the end, prepare the lemon glaze according to the instructions on the package. It is decorated according to everyone's taste and imagination.

Ingredients cornflake cakes

  • 150 grams of cornflakes
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 4 tablespoons of honey (those who are afraid that heated honey would be toxic & # 8211 fact on which I have enough reserves & # 8211 can use the same amount of corn syrup or the energizer found in the jar in supermarkets)
  • 120 grams of butter
  • 100 grams of milk chocolate
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

How to prepare cornflakes cakes

1. The weighed cornflakes are placed in a large bowl, the sugar, honey, butter and vanilla extract are placed in a saucepan (picture 1).

2. Put the pan on the fire and boil the composition until the sugar dissolves completely and a thick syrup is obtained (picture 2).

3. Add the broken chocolate and mix until completely dissolved (picture 3).

4. Pour the hot composition over the cornflakes and mix well, so that all the flakes are soaked with the caramel (picture 4).

Expect to cool the mass of flakes soaked in caramel just enough to be bearable to the touch with your hands and immediately, with your hands lightly greased with oil or butter, shape the cakes, either in a cone shape or in an approximately spherical shape. .

Modeling and serving

There will be no fear of pressing the flakes together, nothing happens if the flakes will crumble, on the contrary, the cakes will be more compact. Shaped at about 3-4 cm., Results in 30-35 pieces. If you have paper baskets, it looks nice to place them in them, if not, place them immediately after you have molded them on a sheet of baking paper, until they cool completely and will not be sticky at all.

As soon as they cool, these cornflake cakes are good to eat, but if you somehow manage to save a few pieces for the next day, they will be even better. The taste subtly combines that of the main ingredients. Butter, honey, chocolate and vanilla feel perfectly balanced, and the cornflakes bring a nutty aroma and a slightly crunchy texture.

Did you like this recipe?

Dear Olteanu-Matei was Veta

Actress Draga Olteanu-Matei, who played Veta, Mărin Juvete's wife, was close to Amza Pellea.

Actress Draga Olteanu-Matei, who played Veta, Mărin Juvete's wife

"Amza made a national character from" Nea Marin ". It is his great merit ", the actress recalled.

One of the most frothy scenes of the film starred her and was filmed in a bar in Olympus.

"I was coming with the leek with the leek, to look for Marin. The mobsters were on the dance floor, disguised as women. Sergiu Nicolaescu told me: "They start dancing, and you have to make room among them to get to Amza."

There were about 200 extras and occasional spectators in the bar, come and see what it's like to shoot. To make room for me, I started hitting the left and right with my butt.

It was crazy! People started applauding, "said the actress.

Sebastian Papaiani was in the film Gogu a lu & # 8217 Pupăză, the nephew of Mărin Juvete. Even if the name has been changed, the character retains the features of Sucă, the nephew of Amza Pellea's famous sketches.

George Mihăiţă chose to refuse the role of Gogu of Lu Pupăză, who later reached Sebastian Papaiani.

"If I were to go back in time, I wouldn't even play in the B.D.s. When I turned down the role of Gogu in "Billionaire Nea Marin," I sat and thought, "I'm playing this game, and then people just call me that on the street!" And now I think I made a good choice ", revealed George Mihăiţă.

Count and match snowflakes!

The seasons pass and come & # 8230Everyone has their own poetry, beauty and a unique musicality. The children's soul feels each change differently. Curiosity and sensitivity of age, innocence, make them really enjoy what surrounds them. So it was the other day when snow-rich flakes covered the houses like a garment.

The silver stars were received with so much joy and enthusiasm.

Because many children are cold, we could not enjoy the real snowflakes. I improvised!

In the group room we sorted, counted and played with paper flakes.

Sitting on the carpet, with their eyes closed, the children listen to a song about winter. On this music, Winter Fairy appears with a basket with the materials needed to carry out the activity: paper chips and flakes.

Each child works with individual material (7 small flakes and 6 large flakes). On this occasion, we remembered what it meant ascending and descending order (in the 0-7 concentration).

The kids they came out flakes forming two sets: the multitude of large flakes and small flakes. I asked them to form thanks of 3 elements / 5 elements etc. Each child counted the snowflakes and looked for the token corresponding to the number of flakes.

The children successfully completed this task.

Then the tasks got a little complicated. Prichindeii formed strings of elements taking into account my requirements.

The children formed a row of flakes, placing one small and one large.

The Prichinds noticed that the flakes had a different color, then formed a series of large flakes, alternating white and blue colors.

The math activity was fun, the little ones being very excited.

After they counted, ordered, identified , the prichindeii raised a small flake and a large one.

I remembered the game of snowflakes and by association exercises which I have used in previous years.

The game was very popular with children. They counted the flakes and found the wooden pliers on which was written the number corresponding to the number of elements.

After the math activity, the children had a surprise: a very nice fun game.

"We jump over snowflakes" (ALA 2) asked the children for attention and physical condition.

I put white and blue flakes on the floor. The children jumped on one leg, not being allowed to step on the white flakes.

Have you heard of the "snowflake" generation of hypersensitive, eternally dissatisfied young people?

Today's young people are hypersensitive and feel offended by the most mundane things, then, through the force of social networks, they transmit shocks to society that can affect business or even life.

Born in the & # 3980s, & # 3990s and 2000s, the generation of millennials, also known as Generation Y, is distinguished by narcissism and the development of a strong cult of its own personality, as a number of studies show. Moreover, Generation Y places more emphasis on material goods, image and fame, leaving concepts such as community or environment at the forefront of interests, according to another published study & icircn & bdquoJournal of Personality and Social Psychology & ldquo.

& Icircn the volume entitled & bdquoI find that offensive! & Ldquo power and desire to give extremely small solutions.

From an emotional perspective, these young people are particularly fragile, have a low tolerance for frustration and a low ability to cope with difficult times in life. Even their level of empathy seems to be greatly diminished, because their inner universe is a state of helplessness of which they are often unaware.


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