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Diplomat cake with chocolate

Diplomat cake with chocolate

The eggs are mixed with the sugar on a steam bath until they get the consistency of a thick cream and set aside.

Separately hydrate the gelatin in 10 tablespoons of water and place the bowl in another bowl of hot water.

Whipped cream to be strong.

Mix egg cream with gelatin and beat with a fork then add the composition over the whipped cream and mix lightly with a wooden spoon.

I prepare the chocolate syrup for 10 minutes on the fire, from sugar, cocoa, water, rum or vanilla, then I add hot chocolate and let it cool. I add it lightly in the whipped cream composition.

In the shape of a cake with a ring, with a diameter of 28 c, place a layer of top, lightly pour the composite, add raisins, pieces of chocolate, etc. and close with another layer of top. Cool for 5 - 6 hours and decorate.

Good luck!

Diplomat cake with oranges


3 eggs (egg whites and yolks separately)
3 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons flour

5 eggs (egg whites and yolks separately)
300g old
2 diced oranges plus grated peel from one of them
a tablespoon of flour
250ml milk
6-7 teaspoons of gelatin
700g fresh

Method of preparation:

For the top, beat the three egg whites, then gradually add a tablespoon of sugar and a yolk. At the end, add a tablespoon of flour in the rain. Mix with a fork. Pour the mixture into a 3-4 kilogram pan, greased with butter and lined with flour or waxed paper and let it bake in the oven.

Put the gelatin to dissolve an hour before, in 2-3 parts of warm water and stir from time to time for homogenization. Beat the 5 yolks with 300g of sugar, add the grated orange peel and a tablespoon of flour. Add, little by little, 250 ml of milk and boil the cream over low heat, stirring constantly. When it starts to thicken, add the dissolved gelatin, then let the mixture boil for another minute. Take the composition off the heat and combine the 5 beaten egg whites, and after it has cooled, the whipped cream.

Place the orange slices in the pan. Pour the cream and place the top on top. Leave diplomat cake cold until the next morning, when you have to turn it over on a plate. If you want, you can put in the cream Diplomat cake and the orange pieces, and on top to pour a fine chocolate topping or to decorate with candies.

Melted Chocolate Cake Decorations

It is an opulent cake with an intense chocolate taste punctuated by the presence of oranges. With or without experience you can take part in interactive courses where you will gain the necessary knowledge for decoration. For the decoration, stop a little cream or you can prepare a chocolate glaze from butter and milk chocolate.

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Christmas, New Year, Easter or birthdays.

Cake garnish with melted chocolate. You need creativity, passion, emotion, but especially patience to make the figurines. After the chocolate has hardened, carefully peel off the paper starting from one end. Chocolate cake classic recipe of yesteryear. The cake top with melted chocolate resembles that of the sacher cake recipe here.

Liquid chocolate is easy to use to draw and decorate with it in the kitchen various desserts. Festive or less festive homemade cakes more beautiful or less beautiful but definitely delicious. 3 decorate with liquid chocolate. 200ml cherry syrup 1 sachet jelly cake 200g whipped cream cherries peel the yolks one by one followed by melted chocolate beat the egg whites well.

Half of the diplomat cream mixes well with the melted chocolate. Garnish the cake according to your preferences and put it in the fridge for a few hours. 5 0 from 5 reviews. You can use liquid chocolate of various types.

If you use this technique to decorate the sides of a cake, apply the chocolate paper to the surrounding cake, lightly pressing in the area where the 2 edges of the pattern meet and peel off the paper carefully. Melted chocolate chocolate cream chocolate sauce etc. Cake designs on the cake use a tool for decorating cakes. Vanilla 75g flour 3 eggs 75g melted dark chocolate 50g sugar 1 powder.

When completely cooled, mix with whipped cream and vanilla. It mixes easily with a fork when we potion it to obtain a pleasant appearance. See also how to make the best chocolate cream for cakes. I made this wonderful chocolate and mascarpone cake for a family anniversary.

See photo gallery picture 1 6 chocolate cake recipe with nuts. The ingredients are for a 28 cm diameter chocolate cake and about 16 slices. Orange juice and grand marnier liqueur matched triple sec for syruping the countertops and small pieces of candied orange peel sprinkled over the layers of cream. For the success of a cake, in addition to the quality ingredients, you also need the right recipe.

Incorporate in the chocolate composition alternating with the rest of the flour, incorporate whipped cream. Simple cake recipes or complex recipes known recipes or momentary improvisations each of them sweetened an important moment in our lives. Patiently shaped decorations can change the look of a cake. Sugar 500ml whipped cream icing and garnish.

So if you want to prepare a birthday cake we offer you the recipe for the best chocolate icing. The form is lined with food foil, white diplomat cream is added, then chocolate diplomat cream. Print the ingredient list.

RECIPE OF THE DAY: Diploma cake with pineapple and chocolate

Diploma cake with pineapple and chocolate

A spectacular dessert, with whipped cream, offered by the Romanian Cuisine.




Countertop: champagne biscuits: 10 pcs - (form a 2 l pan)

2 eggs
100 gr sugar
150 ml of milk
10 gr gelatin
400 gr whipped cream
1 can of pineapple compote

whipped cream
white chocolate leaves
1 candied cherry

Method of preparation:

We prepare the cream: in a bowl we put gelatin soaked in cold milk, sugar, eggs - we homogenize and we put the bowl on top of a bowl with hot water. Stir from time to time until the cream thickens. Put the bowl on a bowl with cold water and stir continuously. When completely cooled, mix with whipped cream, diced pineapple and vanilla.

The form is lined with food foil, diplomat cream is added. Place the biscuits passed through the compote syrup on the entire surface.

Press lightly, cover with foil and place in the cold for 4-5 hours.

Remove from the pan on a plate and dress in whipped cream, using a spirit pos. Decorate with compote pineapple, whipped cream hazelnuts, petals, flowers and chocolate leaves. Place a cube of candied cherries in each chocolate flower.



Freezing and storage:

  • in the raw-vegan confectionery freezing it is an integral part of the technological flow
  • as is baking for classic desserts, so is freezing in raw confectionery
  • thus, if you receive the cake or dessert that we deliver to you very cold know that this is due to the standard preparation process
  • any dessert you receive from us can be kept in the freezer for 2 months (for this interval we have done, so far, the testing at the analysis laboratory)
  • if you keep the cake in the fridge - it lasts well 3-4 days (we did the lab tests for 5 days and they turned out very well, but because we don't use chemicals - our desserts can oxidize and lose the brightness of the colors)
  • In the raw-vegan confectionery, desserts are prepared cold, that is below 42-45 degrees Celsius
  • is considered to be above this temperature enzymes (particle of life) and vitamins - I am dying
  • The purpose of this method of preparation is to keep as many of the nutrients (naturally present in the ingredients - fruits, nuts, peanuts, superfoods) alive - to bring in the body not only calories but also nutritional benefits.
  • nuts, hazelnuts and seeds are hydrated (4-48 hours, depending on the specifics of each ingredient) - to them activate activation means the elimination of enzyme inhibitors in hydrating water and the revitalization of active nutrients
  • sugar or honey (used for sweetening: fruit, dried fruit, agave, xylitol or stevia)
  • gluten or any cereal (we use almond flour, cashews, nuts, buckwheat)
  • milk, cream, Dairy products (we use only whole coconut milk or coconut powdered milk)
  • eggs and derivatives
  • margarine and butter (we use only coconut butter, pure, deodorized butter and cocoa mass)
  • chemicals (we use absolutely no chemical ingredients, no thickening, coloring, stabilizing, etc.)

Some facts about RAWZ:

  • 2010 / open the first raw vegan confectionery in Southeast Europe
  • 2011 / awarded by Restograf: 1st place the best vegetarian restaurant from Bucharest
  • 2012 / The House Cake receives the First Place - the best vegan cake in Romania
  • 2013 / we make the birthday cake (yes, raw-vegan!) For the day To His Majesty King Mihai I of Romania
  • 2014 / prima recipe book authentic, signed Andreea Lăzărescu
  • 2015 / candy bars for weddings and collaborations with hotels and event halls
  • 2017 / first export of raw vegan cakes in Belgium
  • 2018 / the first export of raw vegan cakes in Spain
  • 2019 / favorite supplier of several chains retail from Romania
  • 2020 / we deliver to your event?

Taking orders for subscriptions and cakes: Monday-Friday: 8-17.00 (at least 48 hours before delivery)

Diplomat cake

3 minutes (pay attention to gelatin, do not boil because it loses its qualities).

10 minutes, then put on low heat until a ciulama is made.


It is delicious. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PHILIP.

That is right!
Did the leg realize it was delicious?
That he just tasted it!

I made a bohemian cake and it turned out to be a delight. because I live in Italy and here are not all the ingredients. I bought a gelatin is not from the company and has 25 grams. And the biscuits are put on top? helpppppppp please

The gelatin sachet weighs 9-10 grams.
So from the 25 gram sachet, I advise you to stop a little, that is, not to put it all on.
Kisses and increase the decor

RECIPE OF THE DAY: Diplomat cake with chocolate

Diplomat cake with chocolate

Rom & acircnească cuisine recommends a spectacular dessert with whipped cream and chocolate.




champagne biscuits: 10 pcs - (form a 2 l pan)

2 eggs
100 gr sugar
150 ml of milk
10 gr gelatin
400 gr whipped cream
100 gr chocolate

100 ml water
50 gr sugar
esenta de rom

whipped cream
chocolate leaves
candied cherries

Method of preparation:

Prepare the syrup: in a bowl boil the water with sugar, after 1 minute remove from the heat and let it cool completely. After cooling, add the rum essence.

We prepare the cream: in a bowl we put gelatin soaked in cold milk, sugar, eggs - we homogenize and we put the bowl on top of a bowl with hot water. Stir from time to time until the cream thickens. Put the bowl on a bowl with cold water and stir continuously. When it has cooled completely, mix it with whipped cream and vanilla. Half of the diplomat cream mixes well with the melted chocolate.

The form is lined with food foil, white diplomat cream is added then diplomat cream with chocolate. It mixes easily with a fork, when we potion it to obtain a pleasant appearance. The biscuits passed through the syrup on the whole surface.

Press lightly, cover with foil and place in the cold for 4-5 hours.

Remove from the pan on a plate and dress in whipped cream, using a spirit pos. Decorate with whipped cream, candied cherries and chocolate leaves.

Cake with oranges and chocolate

Cake with oranges and chocolate: a cake with a delicious orange cream, a sour cake that will please the guests. This recipe does not require many ingredients or even hours spent in the kitchen.

The cake is a fine dessert that is made on special occasions in different forms and various creams and flavors.

You will see below the ingredients we need and how to prepare this recipe. I recommend you take a look at the tiramisu recipe with oranges, another easy delicacy to prepare.

Ingredients for the orange cake recipe

  • countertop
  • -6 eggs
  • -180g old
  • -60g cornstarch
  • -150g flour
  • -grated peel from an orange
  • -1pack of baking powder
  • -1 salt powder
  • Cream
  • -120g yolk (approx. 6 yolks)
  • -500ml whipped cream
  • -1 tablespoon vanilla essence
  • -1 orange
  • -140g old
  • -40g cornstarch
  • Glaze
  • -300ml cream for whipped cream
  • -300g dark chocolate
  • -20g butter

How do we prepare the cake recipe with oranges and chocolate?

The preparation method is not very complicated. We start to prepare the top.

Mix a little eggs with the sugar and then add the baking powder continuing the mixing.

We also put the grated orange peel and mix. This time we will give up the mixer and we will use a plastic or wooden pallet.

We will sift the flour and starch over the obtained mixture, mixing very well.

We will put the obtained composition in a round tray (diameter 20 cm) lined with baking paper and we will put it in the preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for about 40 minutes, until it passes the toothpick test.

Cream for the orange cake

Let the countertop cool and take care of the cream.

Mix the yolks with the sugar, salt powder, essence and starch in a bowl.

Separately in a saucepan, heat the liquid cream, the orange peel (cleaned from the orange with a knife) and the juice from it.

When it starts to boil, take the pan off the heat and pour the mixture over the yolks.

Mix well and pass the obtained liquid through a strainer and put it back on the fire.

Boil until you get the consistency of a pudding. It must be mixed often so as not to get caught.

Let the cream cool completely. When it is cold we can fill the top that we cut in half.

Put the first part on a grill with legs and syrup with orange juice.

On top we will put all the cream and we will spread it evenly over the counter.

On top I fix the second part of the countertop that I syruped. So, the cake is assembled so we can glaze it.

Icing for the cake with oranges and chocolate

For the icing, melt the chocolate with liquid cream and butter over low heat.

Put the icing obtained over the cake, let all the excess chocolate drain and cool a bit.

Transfer the cake from the grill to a plate and decorate it with orange slices, chocolate flakes or candies for decoration.

It is a fine cake with a slightly sour, delicious orange taste.

I invite you with great pleasure to try this recipe too! I recommend you try the diplomat cake recipe, a classic and delicious dessert, very easy to make at home.

Cake with oranges and chocolate

The recipe and the pictures belong to him Oana Branescu, blog contributor Good appetite, recipes with Gina Bradea.

Diploma Cake with Cherries

Countertop preparation method:
The sugar is mixed with water, flour, baking powder and ground walnuts. If more flour is needed, add more until the composition acquires the consistency of a cake.

The obtained composition is put in a cake form (my shape has a diameter of 28 cm) lined with baking paper. Place the tray in the preheated oven and leave it until it passes the toothpick test. When it is ready, take it out and let it cool.

Syrup preparation method:
The water is mixed with the sugar and put on the fire until it boils, after it has cooled, add the rum essence.

How to prepare cream:
Whip the cream hard with a mixer. Rub the cherries well with the sugar, then gradually add the whipped cream.

Gelatin is put in the compote syrup together with the 6 tablespoons of sugar. Mix well and then put on the fire for about 1 minute, without boiling. Attention: During all this time, stir constantly. The gelatin thus obtained is gradually placed over the whipped cream and cherries, stirring continuously with the mixer.

The countertop is cut in two, the first countertop is placed on a plate, and around it the detachable shape. I raised its walls with baking paper so that it would not flow. It is syruped, after which the cream is put, over this second countertop which is also syruped.
The cake is left to cool until the next day, after which the detachable form is removed and decorated with chocolate icing and whipped cream. The right slices are potted.

Diploma cake with chocolate recipe

Our holiday cake was often a fruitful diplomat, delicious and definitely. Chocolate pudding with pecans. The cream is full of chocolate, and the most beautiful part, which makes this white-topped chocolate cake even better, is that it is made very, very.

Tort Trio De Ciocolata & # 8211 Cc eng sub & # 8211 Jamilacuisine Köstliche Desserts, Sweets. Marlenka Cake with Walnut and Caramel (CC Eng Sub) New Recipes, Cookie Recipes. The recipe for gluten-free chocolate cookies is great for those. The diplomat roll recipe with lemon is a fine and fragrant dessert, preferred by. Especially Cipi, who loves it. No wonder, this diplomat fruit cake is one of the best. Pingback: White chocolate cream & # 8211 White chocolate ganache & # 8211 Sweets all kinds. Schwarzwald cake with cherries, chocolate and cream. Nutella Recipes, Sweets Recipes. On August 22, I turned 28.

This chocolate trio cake was the star of my birthday. In the cake with raspberries and white chocolate mousse a fine cake with raspberries and white chocolate mousse.

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